CRA Strike

Workers at the Canada Revenue Agency are currently on strike, and this affects the Charities Directorate of CRA. The following is part of a statement released by CRA:

“The Public Service Alliance of Canada declared a general strike beginning Wednesday, April 19th. As a result, bargaining groups representing 159,000 public servants, including the 39,000 represented employees of the Canada Revenue Agency, are on strike. These employees provide a range of services for the public. During this labour disruption, certain services may be delayed or not delivered at all. As well, the public may have trouble accessing some Government of Canada buildings where services are delivered.

Businesses, representatives, tax preparers and charitable organizations are encouraged to use MyBusiness Account or Represent a Client to manage their tax affairs or the tax affairs of their client/organization [emphasis added].”

Key Takeaways:

  • CRA has not extended tax filing deadlines, nor are there any plans to do so. The strike does not involve management personnel and many CRA workers who belong to a different union. 
  • Certain groups, including Canada Post employees, may not cross the picket line. Avoid sending anything by mail, fax or courier to the Charities Directorate. Instead, use CRA MyBA.
  • CRA is rarely entirely non-operational. Carry on with any important filings or submissions, but expect there to be some delays.

*UPDATE: The strike has been called off because a tentative contract has been reached.