Employment, Labour and Human Rights

A healthy and productive work environment can be hampered by employment, labour, and human rights issues. Employment, labour and human rights issues often require immediate assistance. Our goal is to provide clients with timely and cost-effective advice, representation and service that is informed, creative and effectively meets their particular needs and interests. We offer a wide range of legal and dispute resolution services in relation to employment, labour and human rights matters.

Our employment, labour and human rights services include:

→  Planning and structuring of employment relationships

→  Preparation of contracts and employment documents including employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, Human Resources manuals and confidentiality and non-compete agreements

→  Development, preparation and implementation of important employment and human rights policies including codes of conduct, harassment and bullying, sexual misconduct, workplace investigations, workplace safety, employee privacy and dispute resolution

→  Structure, implementation and administration of pensions and benefit plans

→  Day-to-day employment concerns and issues

→  Investigation and hearing of serious discipline matters

→  Wrongful dismissal claims and human rights complaints

→  Employment standards requirements for wages, employment records, hours of work and overtime, annual vacation pay, maternity and other leaves, and termination of employment

→  Variances and exemptions under employment standards and dealing with complaints, investigations and determinations

→  Employment or employment standards issues that may arise on a sale, purchase or restructure of an organization or business

→  Labour relations, union organization, collective agreements and grievances

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